So you want to know a bit more about me?
Well…. it all started in 1979 when my mom and dad met each other.
Fast forward to 1988 and you will see me being born. Than we fast forward again about 10 years or so when my father had a motorcycle. I have no idea what type it was, just that it was a Honda.

Fast forward again … (this is getting old isn’t it?) a few years when my dad bought a Honda Deauville NT650. I know now that it was also known as “the Dullville” because apparently it looked and drove really dull.
Well, I can’t really compare it to other bikes in the same class but to me ….. Lets just say that i am biased towards the bike when I bought it myself.
My dad drove a champaigne colored Deauville and I was in love with it from the moment I saw it in the garden. Back then I already said that when I would ever get my own drivers license, THAT would be the first bike I buy.


Photo on the left is my dad on his Deauville

A few years later my dad sold the Deauville  for a Honda Pan European ST1100. It was a nice bike but it never really clicked for me. My mom and dad on the other hand went nuts with it. They went to Austria multiple times and did some really big roundtrips through the alps. Going through all sorts of countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Hungary.

I was still to young for a drivers license and when I finaly was old enough it was more practicle to get a normal drivers license first.
Somewhere around 2012 my dad undid himself of the Honda and bought a Suzuki Burgman 650. It was a better bike for him as it was lighter, had a better handling and was more comfortable.

Sadly around 2014 he was struggling to keep an interest in driving and eventually due to illness he had to sell the bike.
After battling cancer for a year he passed away and together with his passing I lost all interest in getting my license.

A few weeks after his passing I started seeing more and more bikes on the road after the weather turning for the better and summer in the distance. That all made me rethink things and eventually went for it and 6 months later picked up my drivers license.

Honda Deauville NT650

At that time I already had a motorcycle at home that a good friend of ours picked up for me. I found it when searching through the occasions of Deauville’s that were on sale in my area.

Like i said earlier when my dad bought the Honda Deauville NT650, I bought the same bike but in a very dark purple color. Although the bike was a little bit to small for me, it was the best bike I could have bought to start out with.
(See the image to the left).

The reason for the deauville was clear. Nice looking bike, at least that’s what I think, and the handling is also really good. But a second thing that made me choose this bike is the practicality. I want to start touring with my bikes, I want the to comfortably travel many kilometers and take luggage with me.
And that is exactly what the Deauville did aswel.

I drove the Deauville for about 8 months when I went to Austria with my car on holiday. And gues what we saw there. A shitload of BMW R1200 RT bikes.
It was unbelievable how many there were. It didn’t matter what mountain road you were on, what way you looked out of my car, there was always a BMW in sight.

At first I didn’t care much for the bike as I really didn’t like the panniers backside. “It is just to flat and weirdly cut off at the back” is what I thought. But the more and more I saw the bike flying by the more I fell in love with it.
The headlights were the most impressive part with the angel eyes and the big massive body.When we got home I thought I would take a look at how much the bike was priced but quickly realised that I probably had to wait till at least the end of 2018 before I would sell my bike and buy a new one at the beginning of 2019.

There was also a different bike I was a bit interested in, and that was the Pan European ST1300. It was an upgrade from the bike my dad had and from the front and rear it looked really nice. The issue I had with it was the dashboard that looked outdated.
When I went on a holiday with a friend, who owned a Pan ST1300, to a town in Germany called Cochem, he gave me a chance to drive his bike for a little bit.
And I noticed really quick that the steering on the slow speeds was really heavy. I also knew from my dad that when he was driving his Pan European, he always talked about how hard he had to work to get the bike to do what he wanted. That made me decide to give an even more serious look towards the BMW.

Me on my friends Pan European
Cochem Pan European and Deauville

That was all in 2017.

THAN came 2018 where everything changed really really quickly.

Somewhere in february I wanted to check for the BMW bike again to see if there was any drop in the price and to see what I had to save for.
Than my eye fell on a price that I thought looked to good to be true.
I never drove a BMW before and heart it was one of the best touring bikes out there. So I called up my friend with the PAN Europen and asked if he would like to join me for a trip to the shop for a testdrive.

We went to the shop and when I saw the bike I was instantly in love with it.
The only thing that would keep me away from the bike is the handling. If it would be just as heavy as the PAN European I might just buy that one. Manly because my friend already knew the in and out of the bike.
He could learn me a thing or 2.

After the testdrive I parked the bike and after a bit of thinking I turned in my Deaville for the BMW and I honestly never looked back.

See the image to the right 😉

When reading this in 2018 I am driving the BMW R1200 RT from ’07 and I don’t plan to buy a new one any time soon.
This bike to me is the perfect match.

Check out the “My Rides” pages to see more details on the bikes I owned.

Me and my R1200 RT

So now you know a bit of backstory to my current position.
There is so much more to tell but I don’t want you to feel like reading an autobiography. So if you have any questions let me know through the contact form.
I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

I hope this website will help you find tips and tricks, routes and nice places to go to and many other things.

Thank you for visiting Jeko-Moto and have a great day!