Cloudy Sunshine

When the sun comes out, we start riding. When the sun moves behind the clouds, our bikes go inside. We need to protect our babies from any and every influence of the weather. But what is really the best weather to ride?

I know that, that question not easily answered and we can discuss long and hard about it. But I thought it would be fun to tell you my kind of weather to start riding and I’m also curious about your favorite riding weather.

Take the photo below for example.
It was taken last year somewhere in april 2018. I still remember that we had a really early summer back then. I went out to go drive over the Postbank near Arnhem and it was a beautiful ride. If I remember correctly the day started out a bit cold but quickly it warmed up and max temperature were somewhere around 16 to 19 Celsius.

Riding with partial cloudy weather and nice warm temperature. Photo taken on the Postbank near Arnhem, Netherlands.

Well look at that, it might be a coincidence but it that looks like really good riding weather to me.
There wasn’t a lot of wind either and there were a few clouds here and there.
Riding in that kind of weather is like riding in paradise to me.

BUT it can be even better.
Cause what happens if you drive up the temperature a little bit, to about 23 to 25?
Enough sun, some happy little clouds (-Bob Ross), bit of a breeze and a nice thunderstorm….. Just kidding, but a nice thunderstorm to cool of at the end of the day isn’t that unwanted to me either.

So all in all, I think we can come to the conclusion that riding in the summer is totally my thing.
But riding in the winter isn’t really that bad either.
My instructor back when I was still learning how to ride, said to me “Winter is probably the best time to drive. There are no bushes blocking your view and on a nice winter day, with the sun high in the sky, you can have a beautiful day riding.”
And that is what I do as well.

I love to drive my bike but I keep it off the road when there is road salt out there. I refuse to put my bike through the horrors of that. So even on a nice winters day with the sun out I won’t drive with salt on the road.
Other than that, I can and often will drive whenever I can.

Winter riding! It might be cold but with a good route and the sun I don’t think you could complain.

So now that you know my preferences I would love to hear yours.
What weather do you love to drive in?
Do you stay indoors when it is winter? or are you one of those die-hards that will ride no matter what the weather and will religously clean the bike everytime after you come back home?

Let me know in the comments or on facebook and twitter.

Updates on the next ride are coming as this weekend my buddy and I will be driving through Gelderland.
Stay tuned for a report on the ride and the route we drove.

Till next time.

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