Hey all,
Sorry for the big lack of updates the last few months.
After my last riding day my schedule got really busy and weekend became so clustered with things to do that a normal riding day was not something my spare time allowed for.
When my schedule became more freed up I suddenly fell ill and got a infected throat.
That combined with a nagging cough that sometimes got me into a blaze of coughing to the point of gasping for air, I didn’t think it wise to jump on my bike.

But than came my reawakening. Sort off….

I am better now and my schedule is still full but with some room for riding. And that is exactly what I will be doing Tomorrow.
A buddy of mine called out to me earlier this week to ask if I was up for a ride this weekend. He wanted to buy a travel bag for on his passenger seat.
He would have to ride to Utrecht for it, so he created a “exciting” route on his TomTom app and send it to me to import to my TomTom navigation.

So now we are going for a ride tomorrow.
The weather is still good and I hope that it will stay as it is. The current predictions are around 34 Celsius next week, all week, and that would be way to hot to ride.

But tomorrow things are looking really nice with some cloud cover and lots of sunshine in a comfortable 24 Celsius.

I will update the website tomorrow after I get back with some pictures and how it all went.

Cheers guys and talk to you later.

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