Kawasaki Ninja 400 electric Patent

I am a car lover and bike lover with specific taste. And even though I love the rumbling, screaming and grunting sound that they can make they are going to be out of style in a bunch of years. The hype on electric cars has taken off and now electric bikes are starting the ride that same hype train.

Though I know I am probably late to the party on the latest and greatest on the electric bike department, I do notice the trends that are coming to light. Near my hometown, there is a guy, or at least I think it is a guy, who drives an electric bike.
I have no idea what kind of bike it is nor did I ever got a good look at it, but the way it flies by because you barely hear it doesn’t help either.

When I was looking at some articles talking about the new electric bikes I was surprised about the new Kawasaki patent. As far as I heard it wasn’t so easy to get batteries out of bikes and that is no wonder of course. But after reading an article on the patent and seeing the images of the patent design I was intrigued.

What I really like about the patent and at the same time worried about is the hinge way of the frame. In theory, it should make it very easy to pull out the battery and replace it with a new one. Though I don’t think you will be able to just pack a battery in a backpack for a bigger action radius.
I also think the hinge design will definitely make this easier to clean in general.

But what makes me uncomfortable is the idea of the hinge….
yes I know I just said I liked it and now I say I worry about it.
Sorry for this contradiction but though I trust Kawasaki to have everything in working order, I would like to see how a frame like this will do the safety aspect any good. It will be a structural weakness when there is a interuption in the bar-type frame.

Don’t get me wrong though.
I am not saying the bike will be bad by any means and I would love to see the bike on the road, but still, I am curious how they will deal with the structural integrity of the frame.

Source: https://www.promotor.nl/

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