Motorbeurs Utrecht

So it is 2019 and I have been trying to find a reason to fix my flat tire.
As you might recall from a previous post, I want to ride for one last time in October but found a nice big screw inside my tire.
I stopped me dead in my “tracks”! (Sorry I had to say it.)

This year my friend was asking me to get that tire fixed before the motorcycle fair in February.
I was reluctant to do so as the weather didn’t look like it was getting any better after almost a month of cold, rainy, snowy and windy weather.
BUT suddenly the weather reports said that the temperature would start rising and the sun would come out big time.

SO I called my local repair shop and asked them to replace the tire and place a new battery.
They picked up my bike the day before the motorcycle fair, at 9:30AM, and told me the bike would be ready on the monday or tuesday after.

Behold those hero’s calling me at 1:30PM that the bike would be ready later that day between 3 and 4PM.
I was overjoyed and called my buddy to tell him we might be going to the fair with our bikes on sunday.
Then later I picked up my bike and right there and than my riding season had started.


That was till a week later the rain came back and for the last 2 weeks I haven’t driven a single meter -_-.
But it is looking good for next weekend and I might suddenly pop out with my Beemer to shred some kilometers.

Time for the riding season to continue!

See you on the next update.

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