New Honday Deauvilli nt1000

It has been years since Honda updated their touring lines of the Pan European and the smaller Deauville bikes. Now rumors are spreading from a french source that there might just be something changing about that.

I have been very proud of my Deauville from 1997. It was my first bike and had some good memories with it. But when I bought the Deauville I know that there was already a newer version on the market. My Deauville was a 650NT and I know that the 700NT was already out there.

Now, it has been almost 1.5 years since I sold my Deauville for the BMW R1200RT but still see the pictures of my father on the machine and my own pictures from my trip to Cochem(DE) and can’t help but feel sad that the Deauville line wasn’t really updated at all, while it was a very good machine and I believe was pretty popular as well.
The same goes for the Pan European for that matter.

To my surprise, while looking at some news websites I came across the website They posted an article about a rumor that has started in France and was reported by about a possible new version in the Deauville line.

They started calling it the “NT1000” but that name is just a rumor and it is said it could very well be something else. Nevertheless, I am pretty excited to see if this would be the final product cause the rumored look (from the image above) looks really good.
With this version, IF this is the final look, they really are trying to shake the old “DullVille” look. And to be honest I think they did it, again IF this is the final design.

The rumors as talk about possible specs and they are … well… you would have to love it or else you will hate it probably.
They are talking about a 998cc twin-cylinder engine. They say it could be that Honda is using the engine setup like the Africa Twin DCT which would mean it will be a full automatic with 95bhp.

There are also other details rumored as well. The seat of the bike would be 800mm high, there would be bigger panniers which will be able to handle a full helmet in there. There will also be a electrically-adjustable windscreen and all of this would probably weigh somewhere around 260kg.
Which to me sounds like a bit on the heavy side.

Keep in mind that this whole thing might not even be called “Deauville” but the french website is calling it that for now.

I really want to know how this bike will handle. After jumping from the Deauville to the BMW I was surprised how well the BMW handled and to my even bigger surprise, it handles way better and faster.
Not that that was a bad point for the Deauville, but when you see the BMW you would not directly think it would handle so well.

Anyway guys, I am looking forward to seeing what more news comes out from Honda about this machine.
When I see more I will report back.

Cheers all.


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