Honda Goldwing gl1800 2020

The Honda Gold Wing has been one hell of a battleship on the road for years. I personally never thought about buying one because of the size and price. Yes, I currently have a BMW that is a battleship in its own right BUT to me still not as big as the Gold Wing.

In recent years Honda has made some nice changes to the bike and the news articles on the 2020 version piqued my interest. This is mainly due to the design and features.
The official Honda website has a nice quote:

Olympic athletes may run and swim the same distances, or throw the same discus, or skate on the same ice. But somehow, they just keep getting better and better. And that’s exactly what you’ll see with Honda’s Gold Wing.

And though you could say this about anything it is still good to see that they are striving for more and better technology to make riding more and more fun and more and more safe.


The new Gold Wing comes with some new and improved features that will make the experience of your ride that much better.
The new features are listed below.

  • HomeLink
  • Advanced Meters
  • Apple CarPlay Integration
  • NAVI
  • Vehicle Settings
  • Audio

You can find more info on the features here.

Honda Goldwing gl1800 2020
Powersport Honda


Specs text Source:

While the new model is smaller and lighter with a superb neutral ride-upright position, feet slightly behind the knees, the forward access is convenient to the steering wheel – Honda has sacrificed some of its previous 150-liter luggage capacity. With 2 bags of 30 liters and a 50 – liter high – end sport wing with a total of 110 liters of luggage.

Five versions of the gold wing are available: gold wing, gold wing dct, round gold wing, gold wing dct round, gold wing round and aero dct. All come with two smart keys and updated navigation software. (These same updates, Honda says, are also available for 2018 models.) Prices range from $ 23,800 to a standard, non-top – trunk model to $ 31,800 for everything, but in the kitchen sink edition.

The Gold Wing really looks great the last couple of iterations and though it never really had my interest, the bike does start to look more and more appealing.
Who knows what the future might hold but for now I am keeping my eyes on these bikes. It looks like the Gold Wing is far from done.

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