Puppy Puppy Puppy. Welcome Rex to the family

Hey guys,
It has been a while hasn’t it.
Yeah I know and sorry about that. There is a new addition to the family and I can’t really say it has been the calm and easy past 2 weeks that I hoped.
BUT that doesn’t mean we are very happy to have him in our house.

Rex (at the time of writing this post) is 10 weeks old.
The little rascal has a lot of energy and isn’t scared of anything.
He runs around in the house and slides & glides with every corner he makes

And that is why there haven’t been lots of updates here.
I also am studying for music production and that has also grinded to a halt.

But there is something coming on the horizon.
Next week there will be a trip on my trusty bmw as it is predicted to be really great weather.
I will be searching for a nice trip to make but I could also just start driving and see where it leads me.

I will update when I know more and otherwise you will see the report haha.

have a great day and talk to ya all later.

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