Hyundai I40 1.6 GDI B I-Motion

Sometimes you would think that there is at least a single ray of sunshine behind the clouds.
For some reason it seems that the current weather forcast is giving me hints that that single ray of sunshine won’t be landing anywhere inside the dutch borders, let alone where I live.

But then something happens. You start looking at other vehicles and you quickly get overwhelmed with all the brands and models that are out there.
So why even try to look for something you don’t know you are looking for and just keep the car you have.

That is a question I asked myself a lot these last few days and with the only answer being: “why not”.
Knowing the risk of just wandering websites like “” or “” I took it like a champ and was scrolling through tens to hundreds of pages with all car types and models.

But you probably know the feeling when you start to think of what possibly COULD be your next car. Especially when you don’t even know what you would want, except that it has to bigger and more modern than your current car.

Then you start to close in on what might be your next car. But you also know you shouldn’t start buying anything and you are just looking.
You change the max price first and add a maximum milage that you think is gonna be great for you.
But there are still hunderds of different cars you don’t like so you should make the filter even more specific.

You start to tweak even more. A bit less mileage, make it a sedan or coupé, set the price to your max budget (thinking you could talk a bit off the price anyway) and press that filter apply button.

9 results, 9 FREAKING RESULTS!!!
This has got to be good!!!!


Hyundai I40 1.6

There it is!
Staring you in the face!
The perfect car that you never thought you wanted but now you made a complete 180 and you feel the butterflies in your tummy.

There it is, for me anyways, the Hyundai I40 1.6 GDI B I-Motion with 135bhp and great style and massive inside space.
I knew this was good cause the price was even better and even unrealisticly low.
30k kilometers! WHAT? that is basically brand new.
12950 euro? That is even less realistic.
You know what? I need to see this with my own eyes

I went out last weekend to find out more about the car. And what a car it is.
It looks brand new and drives incredibly well. It is everything I ever thought I would drive and the long trips to Austria are gonna be really amazing.

Next weekend I can pick it up and I might just pust you a review or experience update.

Stay tuned!

PS. I do want to say that the guy selling me the car was a really nice dude and if you live anywhere near Elst in Gelderland and you are looking for a good priced car, go check it out.

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