Sometimes you really think that the weather gods are full on bullying us riders. It rains, the sun starts shining, oh no it rains again, and the sun starts shining, etc, etc. Why have the gods forsaken us!

Just for fun, and I know this is going to hurt most of you, how many times did you hit road in the last couple of months?
Ok it is a given that it was winter so no harm there, but not long ago we had the highest temperatures in February sinds we started measuring.
Better yet, it was multiple days in a row.

Wonderful riding weather and you bet that I was out there shredding some kilometers. Though it was short lived, as the weather turned into a sad collection of flowers that are longing for some water after a heatwave.
(Though I would rather have that than all of this rain)

But there is hope!


Do you see that?
Do you see that there in the weekend?
That is what I have been waiting for for a month now.
This weekend, for now at least, is looking to be a turning point.
The sun is coming back.
The temperature is going up
The butterflies inside my stumach are readying themselfs to get back on my beamer.

Seriously though I am pretty excited for the nice weather to return.
And after, what feels like months but actually are just a week or 3 to 4, I can cautiously start planning my next riding day.

Look at next week for example


Doesn’t that look like riding weather to you?
Temperatures are going to hit 17 degrees celsius.
That is good enough for me with just a 15% chance of rain on average!

So are you looking forward to some nice riding in the next week?
Or doesn’t it rain where you are and are you already eating those KM’s without a care in the world and the sun on your head?

I will let you know when my next ride is but I hope the weather stays like the prediction.


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