The BMW R1200 RT might look like a bike for old people but it has the comfort and power of any good sportsbike.
The power, the comfort, the options, the paniers, I could keep going and not touch on anything bad


Great Comfort

The seat is adjustable in hight and the handlebars are in a really good position.
They are heated as well and the adjustable windscreen is a blessing


The paniers are amazing and simple. Lots of room for even the biggest roadtrips and when removed leaves you with a really good looking sporty bike.

Fuel Consumption

With a fuel economy of an average 19km on 1Liter I can't complain at all. When going on long trips like Austria (800+km) it goes up to 21km on 1Liter.

Durable and Reliable

Though I don't have the bike long I don understand why so many police forces and touring riders use the RT. It looks and acts sturdy and feels like it can take on everyt hurdle.

Oil use

Though not really a big issue, I can imagine that it will turn people off. After riding about 2500km on a holiday I needed to refil the engine oil.


Even though I love the sporty lines of the RT and the big massive look that intimidates others it does come with 1 con. When stopping and putting your feet on the ground you will be hitting the fairing with your shinbone.

BMW R1200RT '07

What about this bike

BMW R1200 RT ’07

This bike surprisingly ways only 259kg (552lbs). With that weight I was really wondering how this bike drives. And that it does. With its 110HP and amazingly sturdy and stable shaftdrive it drives like you wouldn’t believe. I never thought this 2 cilinder bike could pull this hard even in mountains. Ever since I bought this beauty I never once felt like I might have made the wrong choice and cruising the streets is a constant pleasure.

Story time

In the end of 2018 I was looking just to see what the prices were of the BMW R1200 RT. What happend is after a test drive for about 20 to 30 min, I was sold.
2 weeks later I picked her up and ever since I haven’t looked back.

This bike really is everything I currently could want and every kilometer I drive, I drive with a smile on my face.
The bike had a good thourough service when I bought it and a month or 2 later another one before I went on a trip to Austria.
The service guys said they don’t see a bike in the state mine is in often and I intend to keep it that way.

The story on this bike is still developing as this bike has only been in my possession since march 2018 and I couldn’t drive it for about 2 months in total due to rain, snow and salt on the road.

I will update this story as things progress.

Missing information or want to ask me more about the BMW R1200 RT?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have!

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Mountain riding

When I started riding on a motorcycle I always dreamed of riding in Ausutria. I always considered it my second home. In 2018 the time was right to take the bike on a big roud trip. In that vacation I learned more about the bike than I ever could in my home country of the Netherlands. Best holiday to Austria ever and more will be coming in the future


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