The Deauville might not have the best reputation in the style department but when you drive it you can’t deny that it is a really well perfoming bike.
Luggage room is there, performance is adequate and the engine will never let you down.


Great Comfort

The bike has a great seat and the rider position is really good.
The steering bar is also in a great position.


Even though the bike looks like the paniers don't have mucht space, it can pack everything you need for a week holiday.

Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption of this bike is really good. You can drive about 250 to 260km on one fill-up

Durable and Reliable

Honda is known for durable and reliable bikes and the Deauville is no different. It will always run and never had any issues.

Panier issues

The bike is known for small issues, for me the paniers were a big one. The paniers could open up while driving. It is fixible though 😉

Good Vibrations?

The bike through it's V-twin engine really had some issues with Vibrations. When trying to take off at the traffic lights be ready for some good vibrations.

Honda Deauville NT650

What about this bike

The Honda Deauville NT650 ’97

Though I don’t have all the info anymore about this bike I can tell you this was the perfect bike to start on. For a beginner rider you can really get the riding down. Even though the bike is around 250kg it steers really smoothly and when driving at high or low speeds you wouldn’t think it would be this easy to drive.
I’m proud to look back on a really amazing learning experience on this bike.

Story time

In the year 2016 I managed to get my motorcycle drivers license.
At that point I already had the Deauville at home in the garage. That’s because when looking for a bike while still taking lessons, I walked into a bike that looked really well maintained and not for a to bad a price. So this was probably that so called ‘Needle in a haystack’.

I never drove the bike as a test and neither did a friend of mine that was going to drive to bike to my house.
But when I got my license I immediately drove to some family. To think that it was freezing cold outside and dark. Did I say it was around november?.

At first I started to just learn the ropes on my WAY heavier bike than the bike was learning on during my driving lessons. It was a bit of getting used to driving a bigger bike but it really felt that this was a really good choice for me to start on this particular bike.
It handled really well, corners were a breeze and I just felt good on the machine.

After a few weeks I was all settled and wanted to start trying new things but sadly the winter really took off and it kept my bike pinned in the garage for a few weeks/months. When eventually I could really start riding the Deauville I tried to drive over the ‘Postbank’. That is a natural park near the place I work at. It is a really nice road to drive in winter but also in summer, when all the tries are nice and green.
If you are ever near Arnhem I advice you to travel there for a bit. It is not a very big place but it does have some really nice views.

In august I had a trip planned to a German village called Cochem. My friend has gone there multiple times and he new some awesome roads to travel.
So when we were riding towards Cochem I learned a lot of riding skills that I didn’t have before the trip. I trusted my bike more and even got a little sliding lessons. When driving to and around Cochem it was a bit rainy every now and then. When traveling up a hairpin that had a 12% rise in it my and my friend had a little bit of sliding going on at our rear tires when we lost a bit of grip on a brand new road surface.
Lesson learned, don’t think new roadsurfaces are better than worn ones.

Through the time I had the Deauville I never really did any really interesting trips. I went to the beach one time and I drove trips of 1 to 2 hours around the area I live. That’s not so bad at all but I do wish I drove a bit more bigger trips. Maybe learn a bit more.

But all in all I am really glad that I made the right choice to get this bike as my first one and with it realised my dream of driving the same bike as my dad did in the past.

Missing information or want to ask me more about the Deauville?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have!


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Driving the bike

Even though the bike is more around 250kg (551lbs) it drives incredibly well. The steering is quick and fluid while it stays really stable.
In the video you can see one of my first trips to the office.