Better, Bigger, Comfier, faster and more luxurious!That’s how I can describe my second car the best. Drove like a beast, looks great and drove even better.


Looks don't lie

Thought it has a love it, hate it look I just loved it. It felt like a serious upgrade from the Mazda and that was exactly what I aimed for.


The handling on this car was just perfect. The wide tires and the slightly heavier car allround made it stick to the road like crazy

Fuel Consumption

This shocked me some time. In a good way that is. Driving to Austria and in the mountains was a breeze and no fuel worries at all. max was 950km

Durable and Reliable

Though the car did take me everywhere for years it did fail once in the engine compartment.


When I sold the car I got some info that the red paint on the Citroën was faulty from the start and had the tendency to chip off at some parts of the car.

Spoiler Alert (Again)

just like the Mazda the spoiler was a little issue. especially as it was higher than the Mazda had it at. Looking in the rear mirror sometimes was a challenge.

What about this car

The Citroën C4 1.6 VTR+

This car was a blast to ride. You can see that I kept to the same layout and overal design of the car, but with a more modern look. The car felt amazing on the road with its wide tires and big size of 17 inch. The rims even look really cool and with some more detailing that I did I can say this car has treated me really well in the 5 to 6 years that I drove it.

Story time

More info coming soon.

Missing information or want to ask me more about the Citroën?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have!


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