After owning 2 coupé type cars, I thought it was time to move things up a little with this classy but sporty looking ride.



The room in this car is amazing. So much space and legroom in the front AND in the rear passenger seats


The lines on this car and the attention to detail makes a rather normal looking sadan look sporty.


Even though it is a big car it handles really well. and steering is really responsive


This car feels complete. The outside and inside just look fantastic and there are all sorts of gadgets.

Spoiler Alert

The steering is fully electric and it is a bit sensitive. At high speeds you can really notice that.

High ass

The car is raked just a bit to the front. this cause a higher rear and with parking you WILL need those parking sensors.

My Hyundai I40

What about this car

Hyundai I40 GDI B I-Motion

From the start I always been a fan of larger and classy looking cars. One downside of those in general is that they look a bit boring. Not with this one though. Hyundai really surprised me with how well they put little details like lines and big headlights on the car to bring it just that balanced sport/classy look.

Story time

Sometimes you find that things happen in live quicker than you thought they would.
Other times things never really went like you thought they would.
For this car it was a bit of both.

I was never planning to buy a new car but sometimes I was wondering what car I would be buying after that nice Red devil.
Sometimes I went online and browsed the latest news on cars, knowing that I would never be able to pay for something too big or too luxurious.
With open mouth I was looking at all the beautiful cars that passed my screen.

Than came a day that I was watching the Netflix original series called “Stranger” a Korean show that was obviously sponsored by Hyundai.
The cars really gave it away.

While looking at those cars I noticed that they looked more sporty than I would imagine from sedan sized cars.
Growing more and more fond of the size and looks of those cars I started looking online for sedans, in particular the Mazda’s, Nissans and Toyota’s.
While I kept searching and not finding anything in my budget I suddenly stumbled on the Hyundai I40.

It was a little bit above my budget BUT the amount of kilometers on the car and the way it looked really lifted my spirits.
Though still not planning to buy a new car though, I asked my mom what she though about it and basically said to me “if this is real then you have to buy it if you want it.”.
And so it was done.

Every since I have driven lots of KM’s and hope to drive many more in the many years to come.
First things first though, I NEED to get to Austria with this car haha. 
Can’t have a car that hasn’t been driven down to the European alps.

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