Even though the car looks a bit outdated, at the time it still was my first car and who could ever hate his first taste of the freedom it gives



Mostly because of the slightly heavy weight of the car and great steering response


It's a love it, hate it design and I love it

Fuel Consumption

This was actually a surprise, as it could easily get to the 680 to 750 if you are careful

Durable and Reliable

Thought the car was from 1997 it never really had issues aside from the normal wear and tear

Spoiler Alert

Though not a big issue, the horizontal bar/spoiler in the rear window sometimes could be a issue when reverse parking


Though maybe not really a minus, the car doesn't have any luxery thingies

What about this car

Mazda 323C 1.4 Coupé

This car was the first car I ever owned and it was definitely not a wast of money. I bought the car when it had around 120k km on it and sold it with 190k km. All those trips to Austria and the fun with friends will forever stay in my memories

Story time

When I got my drivers license in 2007 I drove in my dads car for around 2 years before thinking of buying my own car. My dad suddenly came up with the idee to do it and we started searching.

Not much later I new I wanted the Mazda 323F as it looked so much like the Mitsubishi Eclips that I loved the design of.
Can you guess where I got the love for that car from??? Yeah it was indeed Need for speed Underground… Ow the memories of that time.

So now I had a car from 1997 and I could drive anywhere I wanted. And that is what I did. I started driving everywhere for no reason and the summer after I bought the car went on vacation to a city not for over the border with Germany called Cochem.
I went to drive through the mountain roads over there and learned some nice things about the car and how it handels.

Skip forward a year and suddenly I was on vacation again but this time riding towards Austria. My dad was with me and said I had to drive everything so I could gain experience. But whenever I would make to many mistakes he would take over. THAT never happend ^_^ and I drove over 2500 km that week.

So there you have it.
A little intro to the Mazda I owned.
More info will come with photos but I am currently figuring out the new backend of WordPress works so keep an eye out on twitter for updates.

Cheers guys

Missing information or want to ask me more about the Mazda?

I'm happy to answer any questions you have!