The Posbank is a very popular place in the Veluwe natural park. It has really mazing roads that are worth riding. It is located just above Arnhem, the capital of the province Gelderland.
When you drive over the Posbank you will find it suprisingly has 4 hairpins and at the middle it has a beautifull viewing spot where you can look over a very big chunck of the province and into Germany.

The roads are well maintained and wide enough to safely ride even when it’s crowded. Yes I said crowded and that is probably the biggest downside to the location.
When the weather is great and the temperature is good there will be loads of cyclists and car drivers there, but also lots of motorcyclists too.

So do keep that in mind.

Have fun driving there.

My Thoughts

Location 100 Points
Views 90 Points
Roads 80 Points
Traffic 60 Points
Overall 80 Points

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