Flevoland - Veluwemeer

The season of 2019 has more or less started with some awesome weather and that calls for a nice road trip.
Together with my buddy we searched for a nice route and found one that would take us through some parts of the Veluwe that we haven’t driven trough, but also would take us to Flevoland and we would drive alongside the lakes there. (Image above)

I drove the route in march 2019 for the first time and though the sun was shining it was a bit on the cold side.
Also this might not be the best time to drive here as the trees are all still in winter mode.

Best periode

The best periode to drive here is most likely between June and September when the trees are in full bloom.
Be careful on while driving through the veluwe on this trip as the roads have a lot of light turns but are narrow and you can’t really see the road ahead really well.
This will make for a challenging trip if you want to drive a bit quicker than normal.

What will you see

Throughout the trip you will drive through lots of different types of places.
The start (when you keep to the start point of the trip) will take you through Apeldoorn, which is a big city in Gelderland. The route will take you right through the middle of the city.

After going through some more cities that are placed right next to the Veluwe you will enter the Veluwe through some big wide straight roads.
At some points you will have to leave the big roads to go to the smaller roads that take you through overgrown roads with big trees or wide planes where the view is really nice.
This goes on for a little while, while driving past some really nice old buildings and cozy restaurants where you can take a brake.

When you near the city of Elburg things start to open up.
You will first drive through some normal roads that don’t hold anything special.
But when you cross the bridge that takes you into Flevoland you can see how flat the Netherlands can be.
You will have a spectacular view of Windturbines everywhere on land and an amazing view over the lakes between Gelderland and Flevoland.

When you return to main land of Gelderland you will have a final mcDonalds before you go off to visit the Veluwe on your way back to the start/finish.
These roads are mainly roads that take you through lots of small villages and long straight open roads.


To me this trip was really good.
Though traveling through cities and villages isn’t my favorite thing I can’t complain on everything you see outside of them.
The Netherlands is a small country packed with villages and cities so driving through them is basically a necessary evil at this point.
As said earlier, I don’t think anywhere other than summer makes this trip worth it. The empty trees in winter and spring will not do the scenery any good.
Thought the autumn will make the scenery look amazing with all the orange colors, for bikers the leaves could become an issue.

I give this trip an 8 out of 10.

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