So after a vacation and some engine silence on my bike I finally get on my bike again to go for a nice trip.
Soon there will be a blog post about why I haven’t done any driving since last week but there is a good reason for it.

Now I want to focus on my trip that you can find here.
Really looking forward to some new kilometers through a place I never been before.

I will keep you up to date here.

Starting time is between 9:30am and 10am.
My good friend is also going to ride along so it is going to be a nice drive ^_^

UPDATE (11:45)

So we arrived at the north side of the natural park and I have to say,  for the short road that it is it really looks nice.

“Can confirm, road is nice”

Thr route that I made on mydrive from TomTom didn’t really calculate well on the to.tom device so i will be making tracks instead of routes. Those should work better on all devices.

But getting here was really nice and there are just under 100km left of driving over a big dike. Next update will probably be when I am back home.

Here are some I

Photos will I folow later.


Time to chill on the couch.
The bike is clean, the trip was a success and the I will be working on this route in the comming week to make it better.

In the previous update I ran into some issues with the route and some weird calculations from my tomtom device. So please keep that in mind when downloading the route.
I will be making it a track for better navigation and no weird stuff.

It was a really great riding day and will definitelly try riding through there again.

Check out the album for images from today ^_^

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